Bible necklace

Bible Necklaces

Necklaces have always had a special place in our jewelery collection. It can be a small, delicate pendant given to you by someone close, and you wear it daily. Or it can be a piece that makes you stand out in the crowd and feel special.

Either way, a necklace always means something. Why not give your necklace even more meaning with our bible necklaces? With the bible necklace you can transform a necklace into a piece which holds our most sacred words and lets them rest right next to your heart at all times.

Invented in the Holy Land of Israel, where both the Old Testament and the New Testament were written, comes an incredible combination of the ancient world and our modern life. In Israel’s talented silicon wadi, we have managed to combine our cutting edge nano technology and the world’s oldest books into one, incredible achievement  - The Jerusalem Nano Bible

Wondering what exactly is the Jerusalem Nano Bible?

It is a tiny silicon chip onto which the entire Old Testament in it’s original ancient Hebrew and the entire New Testament in it’s original ancient Greek are printed. To fit the books in their entirety, without missing a single phrase or word, the letters are just 600 nanometer wide - that’s less than one precent of the thickness of our hair!

Our bible necklaces are more than  just a necklace and more than simply jewelery - they are a quince and special piece that connects us to our past and our future. Wearing the entire bible right next to your heart is a constant and real reminder of our commitment and connection to the holy scripture. The bible necklace is a keepsake that allows the words of god to rest on your heart and remind you of your connection to faith.