Bible jewelery

Bible Jewelery

People nowadays are always looking for new ways to connect with faith. Our busy 21st century lifestyles don’t always allow us the time we need to focus on the special parts of life. This is where the Jerusalem Nano Bible and our bible jewelery come in.

The words of the bible have comforted us for thousands of years. They have given solace when we needed it, shown us a path when we were lost and taught us lessons for years to come. Now, when life is busier than it’s ever been it is easy to forget the great words of the bible. With out bible jewelery you never have to worry about such things again. You can now wear the entire bible close to your heart at all times.

created in the Holy Land, ancestral home of the Old Testament and New Testament, the bright minds of Israel’s nano technology experts came up with the perfect combination of the world’s oldest writings and today’s most advanced technology - The Jerusalem Nano Bible.

So what is the Jerusalem Nano Bible exactly?

It is a 5*5mm silicon chip on which the entire Old Testament and the entire New Testament are printed, in the original ancient Hebrew and the original ancient Greek respectively. The printing process is such an incredible technological achievement, as the letters on the chip are less than 1% of the thickness of a hair.

With the Jerusalem Nano Bible you get so ,such more than just jewelery. With our bible jewelery you get the entire bible, to have and to hold as close to you as possible. You get a tangible and solid reminder of the words and passages that have guided us for a millennia. Wearing our bible jewellery is a way for you to stay connected to your roots, even in today’s mad world.