Our Jerusalem Nano Bible community is growing! We have been getting some amazing feed-backs and we wanted to share it with you!

William Forsyth wrote: “I love the nano bible!!! I wear it with pride and I share it with my close friends.. I share with them the details about this wonderful necklace… I am just impressed with this product.”
MIchelle B wrote: “I’m still trying to read it cover to cover! Seriously, I really love it and wear it often. It is fascinating to believe that every letter of Tanakh (Old Hebrew Bible) is on it. Wearing it makes me think twice about my actions & words…It inspires me to do better. I don’t have another piece of jewelry that does that, so I am really thrilled with the nano bible in every way.
S.K. wrote: “I love my Nano Bible and wear it every day! Knowing I have the Torah (Old Hebrew Bible) with me wherever I go is a great blessing. It’s an amazing product. Such knowledge comes to you from above, Praise His Holy Name… Blessings on you for sharing.”

Thank you to all of our incredible clients, who are helping to spread positive energy everywhere! We can feel your spirituality and good vibes all the way here in the holy land!