Each chip with Old Hebrew Bible, the Tanach, includes 24 books, written in ancient Hebrew, and the New Testament contains 27 books, written in original Greek.

Wondering how we did it? The nanotechnology experts managed to transfer a text file that contains thousands of written words into a photograph projected onto a tiny 5x5 mm silicon discs, called wafers. The 600-nanometer letters are nano printed in aluminum. As the text measures about 6.5 square millimeters, it can be read only with an electron microscope.

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Have the holy scripture always around yourself in the world’s smallest bible

Our Nano Bible is not just another reproduction of the Holy Scripture. The invention itself showcases today’s stunning capacity of miniaturizing any conceivable data and retaining it in a digital storage, which is smaller than a sugar crystal. All 24 books of the Holy Bible are engraved in the modern incarnation of the ancient writing technique on a silicon chip. Thus, the Mini Bible is a complement to the Dead Sea Scrolls – the oldest Biblical manuscripts in the world.

Now one can hardly believe that it took hundreds of years of painstaking work to inscribe the original Bible on paper. But it appears even more unbelievable that the whole text of the Holy Bible can be encrypted onto the tiniest silicon chip within 90 minutes! These two facts push us to the edges of our imagination while highlighting the striking evolution of the information storing that has come throughout the history of humanity.

A combination of these two extremes – the oldest reading in the world and the edgiest modern technology – is what makes the designation of the Mini Bible so striking. This event bears much importance not only to the Hebrews and Christians but also to the global community as a whole.

Thanks to our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art nanotechnology, this technological and spiritual wonder is now available to everyone who wants to keep the word of God always around themselves. If you want to become a lucky owner of the smallest Bible in the world, Jerusalem Nano Bible is always here to help. Just browse our catalog of Nano Bibles for sale and place your order in a few clicks.

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