For those prepared to listen to the wisdom of the ages, the good book can comfort us in our time of need. It can inspire us when we are looking for solutions. It can offer guidance when we are struggling with moral dilemmas. And while there is no substitute to going through the actual text with the unaided eye, merely reflecting on the source can focus us and help us do what is right, rather than what feels good at the moment.

Now, from Israel’s silicon Wadi, is a new way to keep a reminder of this ancient wisdom close to our hearts and soul. The nano bible is a wearable silicon chip, embedded into religious jewlary. It is printed with the entire contents either all 24 books of the Old Testament in the original Hebrew, or the entirety of the New Testament in the original Greek. Each letter in the silicon printout is only 600 nanometers wide (for comparison, your hairs are roughly one hundred thousand nanometers thick).

We believe that people who choose to wear this physical replica of the book which has done so much to advance how we view other human beings, close to their hearts can help change the world. Can help make it into a kinder place, where people come together and draw strength from their faith and the accumulated wisdom of the ages.

For those who dare to believe- the nano bible.