Jerusalem Nano Bible is a well-known company that created the wearable Old Hebrew Bible and New Testament using cutting-edge nanotechnology. The creators of the smallest pocket Bible in the world succeeded at the unique combination of the Holy Scriptures, advanced nano printing and engraving.

Due to their miniature sizes, the chips with Bibles can be mounted onto art crosses, embedded inside your favorite family watch or worn as a sophisticated necklace. Whether you are a Christian or Jew, now you can hold the Word as close to your heart as possible.


Take your pick and carry the holy book wherever you go

At our website, you can shop for a smallest Nano Bible ever created. Each item from our catalog comes with a certificate of authenticity and an informative brochure.

If you strive to impress your loved one with a symbolic and meaningful gift, Jerusalem Nano Bible necklace is the option you are looking for. Our products are designed to connect Jewish and Christian believers all over the world with their faith and heritage.