Classic Cross Necklace with Diamonds


This 14k gold necklace is inlaid with a New Testament Jerusalem Nano Bible made in the Holy Land and is now on your heart.

There are 1.64 grams of 14k gold. This necklace comes with the option of yellow or white gold. There are 0.09C 4 diamonds embedded on the necklace. The clarity is VS.

ONE OF A KIND: The Jerusalem Nano Bible is the world's smallest full-text Bible (5x5mm) made in Israel with the finest raw materials. You now have the opportunity to keep God's word close to you at all times, providing constant inspiration, guidance, and comfort.

Due to high demand, this necklace will take 14 business days to ship.

This piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and information booklet.

NOTE: the color of the Nano Bible chip changes depending on the light. The real color of the chip is purple-brown-green.

Die kleinste Bibel der Welt

100% Original

5x5 mm Nanochip

Verkauf seit 2014




A 14K gold classic cross with diamonds inlaid with a Jerusalem Nano Bible made in the Holy Land, now on your heart
The Jerusalem Nano Bible - the world's smallest full-text Bible - offers you the chance to keep God's word close to you at all times, providing constant inspiration, guidance, and comfort. By wearing this stylish one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, you can symbolize your commitment to your faith. Get yours today.

This New Testament edition of the size 5 X 5 mm Nano Bible includes all 27 books with bible verses written in Greek, otherwise known as the Textus Receptus (Greek: “received text”). The New Testament is the second major part of the Christian biblical canon, the first being the Old Testament, which is based on the Hebrew Bible. The New Testament discusses the teachings and the life of Jesus, and documents important events for Christianity in the in first-century.
List of the 27 books of the New Testament:
Matthew (According to Matthew)
Mark (According to Mark)
Luke (According to Luke)
John (According to John)
Acts (Acts or Deeds of Apostles)
Romans (To the Romans)
1 Corinthians (First (letter) to the Corinthians)
2 Corinthians (Second (letter) to the Corinthians)
Galatians (To the Galatians)
Ephesians (To the Ephesians)
Philippians (To the Philippians)
Colossians (To the Colossians)
1 Thessalonians A(First (letter) to the Thessalonians)
2 Thessalonians B (Second (letter) to the Thessalonians)
1 Timothy (First (letter) to Timothy)
2 Timothy (Second (letter) to Timothy)
Titus (To Titus)
Philemon (To Philemon)
Hebrews (To the Hebrews)
James (Of James)
1 Peter (First (letter) of Peter)
2 Peter (Second (letter) of Pete)
1 John (First (letter) of John)
2 John (Second (letter) of John)
3 John (Third (letter) of John)
Jude (Jude)
Revelation (Revelation of John)


Das kleinste neue Testament der Welt

In Israel von der Jerusalem Nano Bible Company entwickelt, ist dies wohl das kleinste gedruckte Neue Testament der Welt

Ein religiöses Modestatement

Ersteres enthält alle 24 Bücher der hebräischen Bibel, die im hebräischen Original geschrieben sind. Letzteres enthält das gesamte Neue Testament in griechischer Sprache

Neue Technik trifft auf das Neue Testament

Der Herstellungsprozess für die treffend benannte „Nano-Bibel“ ist für jeden außer einem Technikfreak so etwas wie ein religiöses Mysterium.