“Why is it that you Christians love Israel, support Israel?”, former governor and Republican presidential nominee Mick Huckabee answers this very question in his speech at the IDC Herzliya press conference.

“It’s very simple, let me explain it” says Huckabee. “It is impossible to be a Christian and not be completely connected to the Jewish faith, because everything our faith is built upon is the Jewish faith…”
Huckabee reinforces this statement proudly showing off his own personal Jerusalem Nano Bible pin with the Old Testament printed on it. “It’s all there,” he says.

Huckabee is right.

There is a long and intricate relationship between the Jewish faith and the Christian faith. They are forever connected.

The Jerusalem Nano Bible brings together both the Jewish and Christian faith. An incredible keepsake, made right here in The Holy Land.

“Because everything I hold to, is built on what you believe!”

Watch Huckabee Talking about the Jerusalem Nano Bible Here